Vivrax: For an Improved and Excited Sex

SUMMARY: Vivrax is a male potency supplement for those men who suffer performance anxiety before having sex. This natural composition provides nutrients to the penile tissue and help you get stronger and harder erection.

 For men, their performance in the bedroom defines their masculinity to the larger extent. If they are able to satisfy their partner, their male ego gets a boost but if not, then embarrassment and depression follow. After crossing the age of 30, male ability to get hard erection and lasting power start to decline.

So, if you are embarrassed about your performance in the bedroom and want to do something about it, we have a supplement for you. It will naturally help you enjoy better, longer and intense sexual sessions.

 Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

  •  Stress
  • Smoking and consuming alcohol
  • Hormonal dis-balance
  • Chronic disease
  • Being over-weight


  •  Weak erection
  • Early or delayed ejaculation
  • Problem in lasting erection
  • Low energy level
  • Low self esteem

 Get To Know More About Vivrax

 Vivrax is a male enhancement supplement which is created to help those men who are facing sexual issues in the bedroom. With age, combined with other lifestyle factors, testosterone level starts to decline. This hormone is essential for men as it drives them to perform harder and supports all masculine attributes. The composition of Vivrax stimulates this key hormone to improve libido and erection quality. In a matter of few weeks, you will see an overwhelming increase in your erection and penis size.

How Does This Supplement Work?

 Muira Puama: Known as potency wood, this herb can eliminate the signs of erectile dysfunction and improves libido.

 Piper Longum: Known as black pepper, it is called the king of spices and can help greatly in improving sexual functions in the body.

 Maca root and Tribulus terrestris: Both of these herbs help to improve energy level in your body to prevent the feeling of lethargy during sexual session. It improves your ability to get it up and last longer in the bedroom.

 Key Benefits of Vivrax

  •  The size of your erection will be bigger and harder than the usual
  • Vivrax helps to stimulate testosterone level in your body
  • Your ability to sustain erection for the longer period of time will get increased
  • The composition of this supplement makes you sexually more responsive by improving your sex drive

What Is The Recommended Dosage?

This male enhancement supplement has 60 pills in the bottle. As per the label, one needs to consume two pills of Vivrax twice in a day with a glass of a lukewarm water.

Where Is This Supplement Available?

 Ready to boost your sexual performance? Don’t look further and get yourself a bottle of Vivrax. Just click the link below to place your order and it will get delivered to you within 3-4 working days.

#Vivrax comes with a money back guarantee. In case you don’t see the expected results, you can return this supplement and claim your money back.

Contact Details

To know further details about this supplement, or if you have any query related to this supplement, it is suggested that you get in touch with the makers by emailing them on [email protected] or calling them on 1800-8528-789.


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